A Message from Milea Auto Group:

Milea Subaru has been approved to be a licensed dealer during the COVID-19 emergency. This means that we are authorized to sell and deliver vehicles during this time, but our showroom will remain closed.

In order to sell and deliver vehicles safely we will be taking the following steps: 

  1. Conduct transactions remotely or electronically to meet the needs of consumers who, at this critical time, require new or replacement vehicles, or who must return a vehicle where the lease has ended.
  2. Apply social distancing requirements during all interactions such as sales, deliveries, paperwork and lease returns.  
  3. Conduct all deliveries and interactions in one of the following safe settings: 
  • Outside a Dealership
  • In a designated room cleaned according to the CDC Guideline
  • At a consumer's home or place of business.

For more information or to speak with a sales representative call 718-863-8200 or reply to this email. Additionally our parts and service department will remain open. Thank you to all our customers during this hard time, we hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

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Questions regarding sales:

Charlie Albanese: 516-204-5160 or calbanese@mileaautogroup.com
Maureen Guerrero: 646-266-2283 or maureen@mileaautogroup.com
Albert Sanfilippo (Owner) : 914-409-3743 albert@mileaautogroup.com


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